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Hotel without architectural barriers

no architectural barriers

Committed to Social holders also report to the society their love and helpfulness especially when faced with mobility problems and disabilities in general. For years we host groups of disabled people with mental or physical, bodywork or with mobility difficulties, over the years we have modeled our structure to meet these challenges, the majority of architectural barriers have been removed and also the rooms adequate in these needs. We work with associations, city of Senigallia and other entities to create a holiday customized for special customers like these, the various groups of volunteers have joined in a project called "ESTATI SOLIDALI" So we've also received a special recognition, the award "voluntary and business" were delivered from the center of the region catering for volunteering brands .. Through this project we offer animations, tours, and activities to measure, boating, horseback riding lessons, archery, horse therapy, fishing lake, animated clowns and much more. Our beach is equipped with bathroom and platforms under the sunumbrellas, walkways to the shore and the "job" useful and necessary wheelchair that allows people suffering from paralysis or severe walking difficulties to swim to the sea safely and comfortably lying in this specially designed chair.

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